The PlaceLabs podcast accompanies the quarterly events, allowing listeners to hear various perspectives on the themes we discuss. In monthly episodes, we go deeper than is possible at the events themselves and seek to offer inspiration and solutions.

PlaceLabs: Origins ("A Band of Outsiders") PlaceLabs Podcast

  1. PlaceLabs: Origins ("A Band of Outsiders")
  2. Hyper Local EXTRA – With Neill Gaddes
  3. Hyper Local – EXTRA – With Prof Peter Rees

Ep. 05: PlaceLabs Origins

In this episode, rather than looking at a theme in placemaking as we normally do, we look at PlaceLabs itself. What was the idea behind it? What drives us, what do we hope to achieve? Introducing ourselves – the people behind PlaceLabs – we also reflect on previous events and episodes. Hopefully this will inspire you to join the conversation. Please do!


The PlaceLabs Collective is made up of Sam Oxley, Dan Moscrop, Julien Clin and today’s three guests: Payal Wadhwa, Lisa Jones and Rosanna Vitiello.

Presented & produced by the PlaceLabs Collective.
Edited by Lisa Jones.
Music by Lisa Jones.

Previous Episodes

Ep 04/X2. Neill Gaddes

This is our second EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Neill Gaddes. Talking to the PlaceLabs’s own Rosanna Vitiello, Neill addresses his conception of the local, how it is represented in Shenzhen (China) and Aotearoa/New Zealand. He … Continue reading Ep 04/X2. Neill Gaddes

Ep 04/X1. Peter Rees

This is our first EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Prof Peter Rees. In our interview, we address his conception of the local, who makes places (“people, not planners or architects, make places”) and how we can … Continue reading Ep 04/X1. Peter Rees

Ep 04. Hyperlocal

We have been living in global villages for a while now. 2020 has made this more apparent than ever before: circumstances have forced us into — or perhaps accelerated a trend towards — drastically local thinking and living. But what does this new hyperlocalism mean for communities? How do we build — or should that … Continue reading Ep 04. Hyperlocal

Ep 03. Assumption

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. And yet, a hell of a lot are made in the making of places. In this episode, we’re asking how different our cities and towns would look if we challenged our assumptions. Do we need to move towards more “mindful assuming”? Towards an awareness for when and what … Continue reading Ep 03. Assumption

Ep 02. Pause

We decided to use lockdown as a Pause: as a moment of introspection to reflect on where we came from, and especially as a moment to define where we would like to go. The futurist Peter Ellyard says, “the future is not a probable place we are being taken to, but a preferred place we are creating.” … Continue reading Ep 02. Pause

Ep 01. Disaster?

In this, our first episode, we discuss the theme of “Disaster?” — amidst wildfires and floods, the coronavirus outbreak and forced migration, how does Disaster affect our places in the present and the future? Is “disaster” even the right word for our times?

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