Ep 02. Pause

We decided to use lockdown as a Pause: as a moment of introspection to reflect on where we came from, and especially as a moment to define where we would like to go.

The futurist Peter Ellyard says, “the future is not a probable place we are being taken to, but a preferred place we are creating.” In this episode, we dream up future homes, commerce and public places.


Ivana Stanisic – an Associate and architect at JTP Architects whose work ranges from master-planning residential and mixed-use neighbourhoods, to the detailed design of homes.

Will Sandy – an interdisciplinary designer, architect and strategist who works on socially-driven public realm projects to redefine Place Value. Will is an Associate at McGregor Coxall.

Paul Hanegraaf – a Creative Navigator at Milligan Retail and the founder of CreativeTrade. Paul’s focus is the future of commerce in mixed-used communities.

Presented by Julien Clin.
Produced by the PlaceLabs Collective.
Edited by Lisa Jones.