Rosanna Vitiello

Rosanna Vitiello

The daughter of a linguist and an architect, Rosanna has spent a lifetime exploring how places speak to us and how we talk back. As a cultural strategist and experience designer, she helps her clients create places around a distinct, captivating identity that strengthens the deep connection between people and place. Rosanna’s work has taken her all over the world: from Rio de Janeiro via Austin TX, New York and Shanghai back to her base in London.

Sam Oxley

Sam Oxley

Sam is the co-founder of Art in Public, a public art consultancy. She has 17 years experience working in PR, latterly as Managing Partner of a consumer PR agency. Now a senior culture, placemaking and marcomms consultant, Sam is interested in forging innovative collaborations across the creative industries to create work and campaigns that positively influence our human experience in the places we live and work.

Ep 04/X2. Neill Gaddes

This is our second EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Neill Gaddes.

Talking to the PlaceLabs’s own Rosanna Vitiello, Neill addresses his conception of the local, how it is represented in Shenzhen (China) and Aotearoa/New Zealand. He also discusses the link between cultural signifiers and community, and placemakers’ role in that regard.

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Ep 04/X1. Peter Rees

This is our first EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Prof Peter Rees.

In our interview, we address his conception of the local, who makes places (“people, not planners or architects, make places”) and how we can begin to foster our connections with our local (“travel less and more meaningfully”, “contribute to, rather than only consume, place”).

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Ep 04. Hyperlocal

We have been living in global villages for a while now. 2020 has made this more apparent than ever before: circumstances have forced us into — or perhaps accelerated a trend towards — drastically local thinking and living.

But what does this new hyperlocalism mean for communities? How do we build — or should that be: go back to building — communities around local places? And, indeed, in a world that is as much virtual as it is physical, what does hyperlocal even mean?

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Ep 03. Assumption

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. And yet, a hell of a lot are made in the making of places. In this episode, we’re asking how different our cities and towns would look if we challenged our assumptions.

Do we need to move towards more “mindful assuming”? Towards an awareness for when and what we are assuming. Towards an understanding for what’s a reasonable assumption, and what isn’t? What can we learn from other industries who ask, test and prototype before they build?

Or is there, perhaps, even a possibility to embrace uncertainty – to build adaptability into our urban environment?

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