Ep 04/X1. Peter Rees

This is our first EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Prof Peter Rees.

In our interview, we address his conception of the local, who makes places (“people, not planners or architects, make places”) and how we can begin to foster our connections with our local (“travel less and more meaningfully”, “contribute to, rather than only consume, place”).


Peter Rees was the Chief Planning Officer for the City of London for nearly 30 years. During his tenure, he oversaw the transformation of the Square Mile — both in its physical appearance, with the Eastern Cluster of skyscrapers redefining the skyline, and in its appeal to attract hard-working and hard-playing talent.

Peter has long been an advocate of local places and, now a Professor of Places and City Planning at UCL’s Bartlett School in London, his basic philosophy is “make better places and stay in them.”

Presented and produced by Julien Clin.
Edited by Lisa Jones.
Music by Lisa Jones.