Ep 04/X2. Neill Gaddes

This is our second EXTRA session, where we continue to explore the theme of “Hyperlocal”. Adding further and different perspective in one-to-one interviews. Our guest in the session is Neill Gaddes.

Talking to the PlaceLabs’s own Rosanna Vitiello, Neill addresses his conception of the local, how it is represented in Shenzhen (China) and Aotearoa/New Zealand. He also discusses the link between cultural signifiers and community, and placemakers’ role in that regard.


Neill Gaddes is originally from New Zealand but is now based in Shenzhen, where he co-founded SANS. For the past ten years, he has worked at understanding and incorporating the processes of community-led placemaking into urban strategies that open the value of Place beyond a branding exercise for developers and local authorities.

SANS is a Shenzhen based, place-led design agency developing strategies for changing cities. Founded in 2010 by Yijing Xu and Neill Gaddes, SANS research complex systems, facilitate thinking, develop strategy, communicate aims, and implement actions. In all that we do we use a human-centred approach to the design of place-led outcomes, believing that empowered communities can create places that nurture social, cultural, and economic value.

Presented by Julien Clin & Rosanna Vitiello.
Produced by Lisa Jones & Rosanna Vitiello.
Edited by Lisa Jones.
Music by Lisa Jones.