Ep 03. Assumption

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. And yet, a hell of a lot are made in the making of places. In this episode, we’re asking how different our cities and towns would look if we challenged our assumptions.

Do we need to move towards more “mindful assuming”? Towards an awareness for when and what we are assuming. Towards an understanding for what’s a reasonable assumption, and what isn’t? What can we learn from other industries who ask, test and prototype before they build?

Or is there, perhaps, even a possibility to embrace uncertainty – to build adaptability into our urban environment?


Jessica Lax – a civic-sector strategist advancing values-based development in cities internationally. Based in New York City, she’s worked in the public-sector, leads programs for Van Alen Institute and is the founder of Pollinate consulting.

Neil Onions – the founder and CEO of Beyond the Box Consultants, his work centres around co-design with young people and community engagement. Beyond The Box is based in London and works to unlock creativity and empower young people to become agents of change with projects such as the People’s Pavilion.

Elin Eyborg – an architect and a performance maker. She makes performances that enact the ways the built environment grows beyond the control of the designer. The focus of her research is how we can use movement as part of the architect’s toolbox to question today’s role of the architect.

Presented by Julien Clin.
Produced by the PlaceLabs Collective.
Edited by Lisa Jones.
Music by Lisa Jones.