PL07: Power Shift

Who’s top dog now? During past months, true power structures have been revealed and their resilience tested. At the same time, we’ve glimpsed different ways to live, forcing us to re-evaluate what matters. Seen in this new light, the value of our homes, our streets, our cities is being redefined.

In this LabCast, we explore how a shift in power will affect place-making and places in the future. How will our cities be reimagined? Who will reinvent them? What new lines of power will be drawn or shared?

Due to Covid-restrictions, our June 2020 PlaceLabs was in the format of an online LabCast.

Recorded on 3 June 2020, our speakers were:

Meredith Bossin – Director of Engagement at the Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, a wondrous cultural parkland in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Hanna Benihoud – Artist, architect and activist based in London, whose work explores gender and youth.

Ayaz Basrai – Designer, architect and founder of the BusRide studio in Mumbai, who focuses on design that is both speculative and social.

This event was part of the London Festival of Architecture.