Ep 01. Disaster?

In this, our first episode, we discuss the theme of “Disaster?” — amidst wildfires and floods, the coronavirus outbreak and forced migration, how does Disaster affect our places in the present and the future? Is “disaster” even the right word for our times?


Gemma Jones – a cultural strategist and co-founder of the School of Critical Design, interested in the interplay of story and place.

Noel Moka – a geographer studying anthropogenic environmental change, founder of The Parks Society and Trustee at Participatory City.

Paddy Loughman – a Climate Activist involved in Extinction Rebellion and a former Strategy Director focusing on the role business can play in the climate and ecological crisis.

Presented by Julien Clin and Rosanna Vitiello.
Produced by the PlaceLabs Collective.
Edited by Julien Clin and Lisa Jones.